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"Cellar Door" is a part of the theather piece/installation by THOMAS BO NILSSON at the Schauspielhaus Vienna. Premiered at 032c. The short itself directed byMATT LAMBERT.

Director Matt Lambert
Executive Producer Nils Schwemer
Producer Jannis Birsner
Director of Photography Cezary Zacharewicz
Focus Puller Tom Zylla
Gaffer David White
Sound Recordist Tobias Müller
Production Assistant Luca Fuchs
Production Assistant Josefa Knippers
Production Assistant Justus Toussaint
Stylist Tabassom Charaf
Styling Assistant Roman Vardijan
Hair and Make Up Andreas Bernhardt c/o Basics
Editor Andi Pek
Colourist Marcus Badow c/o Boldbreed
Cast Pauline Wolf, Max Scheller, Alexander Geist, Mac Folkes, Michael-John Harper, Julie & Jane (Evvol)
Global Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga
Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Talent Producer Declan Higgins
Associate Producer Tom Ivin
Associate Producer Matthew Whitehouse
Associate Producer Kate Villevoye
Production Assistant Lily Rose Thomas
Special Thanks To
MBF, Konzulát (Lizzie Paige & Conny Opper), NIGHTBOUTIQUE, Townes, Theaterkunst, Pauls Boutique

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