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I shot a video for  Patrick Wolf. Directed by Matt Lambert and premiered at  Madonnas's Art for Freedom Website.

Produced By: Jannis Birsner @ Stink, Berlin
DOP: Cezary Zacharewicz 
Styling/Art Direction: David Motta
Makeup Concept: Servullo @ Nude
Set Design/Art Direction: Larissa Bechtold 
Set Design Assistant: Dacen McAmmond, Claire Kurylowski
AC: Christoph Hüttner
Styling Assistant: Ash Esfarani
Edit: Terry Hunynh
Telecine: Gregg Reese @ The Mill
Post Assistant: Andi Pek

Patrick, Braulio, Sekou, Dacen, Grete, Philip, Jannis and Dali 

Special Thanks To: 
XXX Berlin
Nils Schwemer
Corinne Ahrens
The Mill, Los Angeles
Ag Rojas & Caviar Content

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