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‘WE ARE LOVERS’ (2015)

censored version of the ‘unofficial’ teaser for a project that never saw the light of day...

This is how the director @dielamb describes the project:

‘’For those who know me, this was an all-consuming labor of love for almost a year from 2014-15 — traveling between Berlin, London, LA, NYC and Mexico City. We merged documentary and fiction to tell episodic stories of intimacy, love and sex.
To the COUNTLESS teams and cast who gave their energy, love and bared all — I thank you so dearly. Perhaps it will see the light of day someday, but for now this is a small memento of our time spent together.’’

Thank you Matt and Jannis for this incredible journey, thank you to all the magical creatures we’ve met on the road and thank you to all the crews who gave so much to make this all happen. For me it was a life changing project in the end as somewhere along the way I’ve also met someone very very special…

directed by @dielamb
produced by @yawnnis
ep @schwemer
with @millchannel @cutandrunedit
and @dazed

This teaser was initially screened at @SXSW in 2105 right before the project was tragically buried.

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